Early hardcore will never die!

What went down at Decade on October 25th

DECADE OCTOBER 25 HEMKADEA few weeks ago, I got into a discussion with some of my friends. “Early hardcore is on the way out,” one said. Well, they obviously haven’t seen Decade.


The party opened with the contest winner Splitt2nd. Coincidentally, he also plays industrial Tuesday nights on Gabber.FM. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find out he has a secret talent playing early industrial sets. It’s hard to say who the highlight of the night was, because the Hemkade stayed packed from Bass-D, to Painbringer, to Xqruciator. The atmosphere was even better than Mindcontroller earlier this year. I must admit my personal highlight was Rob Gee, who performed an awesome Rob Gee-style set. People came from as far away as France and Italy just to hear him play.


Tommy and Robin, the founders of Decade Events, went out of their way to put the icing on the cake! This year, three members of the organization, known as Decandy (you probably recognized them, because they were the only ones wearing tutus) handed out sweet treats to partygoers. What people didn’t see is that a live stream of the sets were broadcast on Gabber.FM. Luxxer from Lock and Load Radio hosted the show and invited artists for an interview. A sign that it’s a kickass party is when everybody stays until the end, because the main room in the Hemkade was still packed when Frantic Freak came to close off the evening with early terror. If you can’t wait until the next edition of Decade, you can listen to a Decade Events edition with the best of the best from early hardcore and oldschool on Lock and Load Radio. Early hardcore will never die! 

Photography: Triple P Photography

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