There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Atomic is a high-energy jazz band from Scandinavia, renowned for their explosive live performances. Paal Nilssen-Love (drums), Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (double bass), Håvard Wiik (piano), Magnus Broo (trumpet) and Fredrik Ljungkvist (reeds) are all accomplished players on the Norwegian/Swedish scene. 2) Atomic was a Polish rock band from Gdańsk active in the early 80's. They appeared in the film "Jarocin 1982" about the Jarocin Festival of that year directed by Paweł Karpiński. One of their tracks, "Jak tu żyć" from their performace appears in the movie. 3) Atomic is an indie pop band from Germany. 4) Atomic is a Czech thrash metal band. 5) Atomic was a Hungarian thrash metal band at the beginning of the 1990s 6) There is also another Atomic in Czech Republic, playing thrash metal. 7) Atomic is one of the aliases used by DJ Sures. 8) DJ 4T4, Belgium´s most prominent hip hop protagonist, dons his red cape, grabs a mic and takes it to the stage on this not-so-recently released Kinky Star outing. 4T4 is known and respected for his work on a number of local releases and his quality music trademark shows once again in 'The Last Idealist'. Fusing 80s pop and electro with psychedelica and hip hop, he creates a crisply produced and interesting musical kaleidoscope. Some funny tricks and a healthy dose of self´relativation; ex-Evil Superstar Mauro makes a cameo appearance, as well as DJ Grazzhoppa, MC's TLP, Tirrence Hell and some others. If you dig the sounds of the Belgian hop, this one's more than worth checking out. 9) A korean hip-hop/rap project. 10) A drum and bass/drumstep artist. Read more on

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