D-Force began writing music in his early ages. From the age of 9 ( back in 1985 ) he was playing music on his Atari600XL, at this time he discovered the possibilities of making own music on this device. From this moment on he never stopped producing music for the Demo scene. The latest Album : New Era has been released! With different styles of music, from classic to clubbing beats. It has been a while after new tunes have been released, after a busy year finishing my Bachelors degree in Computer Science. Througout the years severeal albums where made as the latest cd is called :"The New CD!". This cd contains song from the DemoScene as well as the song Roading for the MicroDisco series. The cd was partially made during his Internship in Romania. Most of the songs where inspired by this country. From time to time new tracks are made, so keep track of his profile! Thanks for listening! Read more on Last.fm.

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