Death metal band from Kashiwa/Chiba, Japan. After releasing several demo's in the early 90's, Death File released their first promo EP, entitled "ハング・イセルフ" (meaning: "Hang Yourself") in 1997 on Ritual Records. In the same year, they were quite active: appearing on a 4-way split CD entitled "縁あって・・・", released on Kashiwa Records and releasing their first (and only) full-length album in April, entitled "Hang Myself", on Howling Bull Records. Death File's style is comparable with label mates Hellchild. After Death File broke up, Masuru ''Nemo'' Nemoto formed Kashiwa based thrash/death metal band Survive in 1998. Yuasa joined Tokyo's thrash metal band United as their vocalist, but later quited. Read more on

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