Dark Gamballe

This band started exactly in 1990.At first there were 5 musicians,who decided to name themselves simply "Dark" and they played Thrash/Death metal. They first demo called "Zlá Krev"(Bad Blood)gave them their first chance to be famous:they first record contract with studio MONITOR.Just a few months later they first CD called "Sex 'n Death" is released.After that they try some band competitons and they're very succesful. In May 1994 they released they second album "Zyezn Gamballe & Mental World" but soon after the release they left the MONITOR studio. and changed to another one called SHAARK and so in May 1996 they release the third CD "Under the Bottom" Then at least,they started playing on live concerts and festivals so their fan-base started to grow.Also,they went abroad to one Portugese metal festival. In 1998 they release their fourth album "Dark Gamballe" and it's succesfully accepted both by fans and critics and also they recieve an offer to do a tour with finnish band WALTARI. In June 1998 they made a new contract with REDBLACK label but their music was still recorded in SHAARK studio.The result of their work was the fifth album called "Robotory" and soon after that they changed their name to Dark Gamballe. The final breaktrough in their music style came with their 6th album released in 2002 and called "Merizo Nanen" where their presented their new musical face: "main stream psychotic metal" as they called it on their official web site Still they did a lot of live shows in clubs festivals,etc.and in 2004 they released next album called "Superstar" and in 2006 they released their last album "Bonboniéra"(Sweet-Box)which is considered by many fans and critics as their best album. Newest album called "perpetuum gamballe" released in 2008 and is as good as "Bonboniéra", may-be more. Read more on Last.fm.

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