De Nieuwe Snaar

This four-headed flemish band started as a folkband in the seventies, around the two brothers Jan (accordeon, guitar...) and Kris Desmet (clarinet, saxophone...) (in the middle), called 'De Snaar'. Later on the violinist changed, and the acrobatic Geert Vermeulen joined the group. Since 2004 de nieuwe snaar was completed with a contrabassist, Walter Poppeliers. Their music is mainly written in dutch, sometimes in cooperation with the absurd-scenariowriter Hugo Matthyssen. The shows are a mix of 'serious' songs, cabaret and circus. Often unconventional instruments are being used, like father Desmet used to do in his shows. So although De Nieuwe Snaar make music on a very professional and spectacular level, there is always a comic element in it. Read more on

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