Demiricous are a Death/thrash metal band out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Within a couple of months of forming, guitarist Ben Parrish (formerly of Upheaval on Willowtip Records) joined the band and they began to take their project more seriously. In 2005, they self-released a demo which caught the attention of Metal Blade. Their debut album, 'One', was recorded and mixed at Planet-Z Studios with Zeuss (Hatebreed, The Red Chord, Shadows Fall) in June 2005 and released later that year. Following this the band set out on a tour with Himsa in late 2006. It has also been stated that the bands name, Demiricous, has no signifcant meaning at all and is just a made up word. The band have also been heavily compared to Californian metal band Slayer by Kerry King (guitarist) and Tom Araya (vocalist/bassist) themselves. Read more on

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