Diskonto was formed sometime in 1992 when Martin and Malmen wanted something to do besides beeing the usual teenage fucked up things like trying to get as drunk as possible or sniffing glue. We had really been into oldschool Swedish hardcore for some time, and wanted to do play that kind of music. We also played in some other bands as Times Square Prechers and Biomasticator at the time, so Diskonto just rehearsed once in awhile the first 1,5 years or so. After that we recruited Steffe on vocals and Kaj on Bass. At this time the Dis scene really had gotten out of hand in Sweden, with everyone trying to be as "crust" as possible, and beeing as tough and anti-pc as possible. We tought that was kinda ridiculous, and decided to make fun of that by beeing the most cliche and stupid dis-clone around. In march of 1994 we recorded our first demo and after that we got letters from some labels who was interested in releasing records with us. We tought: "Cool" and at the end of that year we had recorded our first two EPs, one for Profane Existence ("A shattered society") and one for Minstrel ("Silenced by oppression"). We got really ripped off when it came to the Malarie one, and that one was released first in 1998 by Clean Plate. In 1995 we recorded the split EP with Frigvra for Blurred records and the "More power to the cops" EP for Malarie. The split EP with aggressive and brutal anarcho-feminist crust/grind band Distej was recorded in the beginning of 1996, and released the year after at Crust. In march 1996 we did our first tour, playing 10 or so shows in Poland and the Czech republic. That was a blast but unfortunatly both Malmen and Kaj decided to leave the band after that trip, because they didn't want to tour anymore, and Martin and Steffe did. New bassplayer became Danne from the Metal-punk band Dellamorte. Before the summer we recorded our first LP ("Destroy! Rebuild!") for Reiterate records. Malmen played the drums even tho he wasn't really a member, but after shorty after that we found a replacement for him when Jonas (Dismachine, NojsBojs) joined the crew. First record with hime became the split 10" we shared with our buddies in Abuse. That one was delayed until the summer of 1998 when we did our first tour with the new setting playing all over the USA and Canada. That was great! Profane existence set it up, and it truly was a blast! In december that year we recorded the "Freedom is out of sight" 12", and the summer of 1999 saw the light of the "Diyanarchohardcorepunk" EP, while shortly after that we went on another tour, this time all over Europe, playing for almost 6 stright weeks. Jonas couldn't come along because of his studies, so we borrowed Jutte (Dismachine, TSP) for that one. In the year 2000 we did record the "There is no tomorrow" LP/CD (retard/flowerviolence) and did another tour thru Europe, even tho this time evrything went wrong. The car broke down after one show, and we had to hitch-hike to some shows and cancel most of the tour. Well that's punk I guess... In the summer of 2001 there was time for another raid of the land of the free. We did 22 shows all around the US. The tour went great. Thanks to all people who were involved and all bands we played with! We had loads of fun of course, and we went back with lots of great memories. When 2002 dawned we seriously started to write songs for a new LP/CD. Planned recording time was June/July 2002, but of course that fucked up due to numerous reasons, however in 2003 those tracks was at last recorded and resultet in the "We Are The People Our Parents Warned Us About" LP/CD on Six weeks records. When that one finally was ready for release we organized a great big 12 year celebration/releaseparty on a local bar in Uppsala. Loads of people and loads of beer. It was a great night, and we did a set which was recorded and later mixed to be included on the next record. (It's also available in the "mp3" section). During 2004 we wrote some songs, and recorded them as well, for a split LP with the Swedish band Intensity. For some reasons Intensity broke up (or are they back together?) before this release, and we did one more recording to get recorded material for a full lenght LP/CD instead. It turned out great and was released in the summer of 2005 by Putrid Filth Conspiracy Records (LP version) and Crimes Agains Humanity Records (CD version). Read more on Last.fm.

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