Krigshot started during the late spring of 1997 when Jallo called Anders and asked if he wanted to play the drums in a new band picking inspiration from Mob 47's most fast and furious parts. Anders, being a fan of that particular style, obviously said yes at once. The idea was to write and record songs for a possible 7" EP and see if someone was willing to release it. By forcing Mieszko to join the band, they could record for free in his studio. Krigshot recorded the first 7" EP "Terroristattack" in a few hours July 31, 1997. Jallo started shopping around for labels and the first one who replied was Ken from Sound Pollution, and the 7" EP was release later 1997. Ken wanted to follow up the 7" EP with a LP so Jallo and Anders started working on new material and entered the studio April 28 1998. During a couple of days 29 songs were recorded, 26 for the album and three for the compilation LP "Iron Columns", released by Jack Control on Mindcontrol Records early 1999. Among these songs were a cover of Mob 47's "Krigshot", the same song the band got their name from. Rougly a year later Krigshot recorded 12 tracks. 8 ended up on the second 7" EP "...Och Hotet Kvarstår" and the remaining 4 was released on the Sound Pollution compilation "Tomorrow Will Be Worse Vol 2". After this recording Krigshot took a long break as they had recorded 47 own songs and 1 cover and felt that they didn't have any fresh ideas left, at least not enough for a new album. But in June 2001 the batteries were recharged and Krigshot entered the studio once again for a full length session. The second album "Örebromangel" was a full on punk attack including a classic Riistetyt cover. Two years later it was time for Krigshot's first live appearence at the Hultsfreds festival in Sweden. For this show Björn of Disfear joined the band as a permanent bassplayer. Krigshot did a chaotic show at the smallest stage. This was Mieszko's last day as a member of Krigshot as he announced his departure from the band. November the same year Krigshot got together again to record a new 7" EP. As the band was currently without a singer they decided to record the music and add the vocals at another time. That never happened and that particular recording remains unfinished and unreleased to this day. In 2005 Anders and Jallo started talking about waking up Krigshot and do something new. Jallo suggested that they should let Poffen from Totalitär put some vocals on the already recorded tracks, release the 7" EP and write some new songs for another 7" EP. That was the plan for a while, but it all ended with Krigshot doing a new full length rerecording the best songs from the discarded recording. The album "Till Vilket Pris Som Helst" was recorded in two sessions. Drums and guitars in December 2005 and bass and vocals in January 2006. The album was released by Communichaos Media in April 2006. Read more on

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