Nirvana 2002

Nirvana 2002 was a death metal band formed in 1988 in Edsbyn, Sweden. The moniker came from two earlier names of the project: The first was Prophet 2002, then changed to Nirvana. A little bit later the band from Seattle called Nirvana released its 1st 7"EP on SubPop, so the Swedes added the previously used suffix - 2002 - this was long before most people had heard of Nirvana and Kurt Cobain. They appeared on the legendary CBR compilation Projections of a Stained Mind with the track "Mourning". In 1992 the band had some offers for an album by Deaf and Necrosis Records, but then they took different ways and split-up. In 2001 a CD with all their material was close to being released by Relapse, but nothing happened. On 26 Jan 2007, they played their 1st gig ever for Daniel Ekeroth's Swedish Death Metal book's release party. Erik Qvick couldn't be there and his duties were fulfilled by an old friend of the band, Robert Eriksson of The Hellacopters. A compilation CD, Recordings 89-91 was released by Relapse Records, 2009. It features nearly all recorded Nirvana 2002 tracks and updated remixes. In 2010 Erik Wallin from Merciless joined the band as second guitar for some live shows. Since 2012, Erik Qvick and Lars Henriksson have been heavily involved with the death metal band Under The Church. Nirvana 2002 has been considered disbanded since 2012 Read more on

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