There are multiple artists with this name 1) PLUtonic is an "A Cappella" group from Pacific Lutheran University located in Tacoma, Washington, USA. 2) A Side-Project by DJ Beanz. 3) In early 2003, Alex (voice) and Jaime (drums) explore their musical abilities decide to form a group, as a game, with nothing serious in mind. They start playing some songs from AC / DC and The Beatles, and gradually they will like more and decide to incorporate Facundo (guitar) and Paul (bass), very important in the life members of the band, the group to form a complete . After a couple of gigs with this line, Alex and Pancho (guitar) are known in ASM, the largest source of support for the group. Pancho joins the group happy, unintentionally causing Facundo output. The group then it starts to get serious and compose their own songs. After a first concert in the same ASM and an acoustic concert at the Alfredo Kraus auditorium without much success Majadahonda play their first big concert parties Majadahonda, September 2003, showing amazing progress. After this concert the group decides to finally take it seriously and record a first demo in Elm music studies with four themes: "Bartender", "Mafolation", "Anymore" and "Last One", one of the most successful songs the group. In late December, Paul left the band for personal reasons, and after trying with different bassists, the band without hesitation joined John (bass) to the group. With this training, the current (Alex-voice-guitar Pancho, Juan-low, Jaime-battery), Plutonic Emergenza contest is targeted to 2004, reaching the semifinals at the Sala Caracol. They leave very satisfied with this achievement and record a second demo, "I'm Looking At You", in studies of Alberto Sánchez, with new songs by the band, many of them made with the help of Jorge Bestard, another vital in the history of the band. In this model include songs like "TILF" or "The Planting" song also highly sought. The group continued gigging and writing new songs, through venues such as Ritmo y Compas, Arena (now Sala Heineken) Clamores, Aqualung ... They recorded their first album in 2005 seriously with nine songs, entitled "The Natural Selection" in the Attack of the Rock Palace Studios, home of many of the trials of the band, with songs like "A Response", "Things Just Are", "Rainy Days", or "A Mistake". In September 2005, the group suffered a great loss when leaving Alex to study in the United States. However, the group continues writing songs and giving concerts, especially taking advantage of times when Alex returns to Madrid. The group currently has a balance between the three musicians that provide unforgettable songs and memorable concerts, and move, improving with every step Read more on

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