1. Shipwreck is a Champaign, Illinois band signed to None Records, an offshoot of Polyvinyl Records. Shipwreck was also the original name of the Boston hardcore band Shipwreck A.D. until 2007, when the initials were added to resolve the confusion. At least one album listed below, Shipwreck ad, is by the Boston band. Shipwreck (Illinois) has recorded two full length albums: Rabbit In The Kitchen With A New Dress On (2007), Origin (2005), and three eps: Walk in the Woods (2006), House Of Cards (2006), and Six Buttery Mega Hits. The members are Vladimir Brilliant (bs), Harman Jordan (gt/vox), John Owen (gt/vox), Chris Waage (dr). The Illinois band owns the trademark to the Shipwreck name, and the two bands resolved the legal situation amicably with the Boston band adding the A.D. 2. Shipwreck was a project by Eddie Johnston from New Zealand. He changed his name to Lontalius in early 2011. 3. Hip Hop artist from Harrisburg PA, who released one album in 2000 called Close Encounters Of The Third World Kind. Read more on

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