Straight Ahead

There are 2 bands with the name Straight Ahead. 1. Straight Ahead formed in New York City in 1986 from the ashes of NYC Mayhem. They recorded what some consider the best New York Hardcore record ever - the Breakaway 12" on IRisk Records in 1987. They also appear on the End The Warzone compilation with Larm and Attitude Adjustment. The 12" has been bootlegged countless times as a 7" EP, and another bootleg appeared in 2002 as a split LP with NYC Mayhem. 2. An all African-American female jazz band from Detroit. Members include Cynthia Dewberry (lead vocals/flute), Gayelynn Mckinney (Drums/Background vocals), Eilleen Orr (Piano/Synths/Background vocals), and Marion Hayden-Banfield (Bass/Background vocals) and formerly award-winning violinist Regina Carter. McKinney is the scion of Detroit's "first family of bop" the daughter of legendary jazz pianist Harold Mckinney. Their albums include Body and Soul, Look Straight Ahead (Atlantic Records) and Dance of the Forest Rain. From Wikipedia: ", Branford Marsalis was quoted as saying, "They truly swing.” They released a trio of albums on the Atlantic Jazz label including their self-titled debut, Body and Soul, and Look Straight Ahead. Carter went solo before the release of their third album Dance of the Forest Rain and began an impressive run, establishing herself as a force in the jazz world on the violin. In 1991, she left the band and moved to New York City.". Read more on

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