Alain Savoie, was born in Quebec City but grew up in New Brunswick’s capital Fredericton. At the age of seven, he started classical piano lessons, moved on to drums and eventually the guitar. His first guitar was acquired at the age of 12 and his first 4-track recorder came soon after. The 4-track and the guitar effect pedals and processors (combined with a drum machine and a cheap keyboard) opened a new perspective to his musical approach. Though it was with the electric guitar that he perused his university studies in jazz performance, he later on switched programs in electoacoustic studies at Concordia University. During this time, Al has been implicated in almost all recording situations (multi-track, remote and live recordings for music, concerts and film), in both analog and digital mediums. Since his graduation in 2001, Al started doing remixes for a few local artists and caught the attention of Electro-guru David Kristian who put him in contact with WiKKiD Records. Since then, Al has been working on his own, composing for movies, comercials and of course himself. Look out for more material from Synthamesk on Here’s my Card Records and Sublight. Is now preparing a few digital album releases in early 2010 for private sales. Read more on

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