The Galacticos

After their spacy 'EP Phone Home' adventure, The Galacticos are back! 'Paint The Town Rad' is the first full album of this promising Belgian band. The Galacticos (winners big Belgian Rock contests like Limbomania, finalists Humo's Rock Rally), have continuously been standing in the spotlight during 2009 with their singles "Humble Crumble", "He Saïd, She Saïd" and "I'm With My Girl". They did extremely well on Studio Brussels (Belgian national radio) and their debute EP "EP Phone Home" received nothing but positive reviews. The Belgian Magazine Focus Knack even called them one of the 5 most promising Belgian bands! Now, there is more of this with the new album 'Paint The Town Rad'. In 2010, The Galacticos went to the La Chapelle studio to record the album together with producer Pascal Deweze (Broken Glass Heroes – Sukilove). 'Paint The Town Rad' is an album full of sixties sound and catchy riffs. This album sticks in your head after the first time you hear it. The Galacticos are totally back! Read more on

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