Thriven was created slowly. Thursday nights. Each week the dreams were taking shape and growing as a lake that receives all the rain and channels water until overflow. It’s when the dreams gives place to ideas and the ingredients mix together and form substances. Two guitar players – Felipe and Sidão – with all the certain took the ideas forward and began hunting for a voice. A few meters away was Pedro, Sidãos old friend and neighbor. Although of his peculiar musical taste, he added more identity and spiced the songs. Difficulties made the three members to compose and to program the drums and invite a close friend, Raphael Olmos (Kamala), to create and record the bass lines. At this moment, Tuesday nights was also a stage to this alchemy that was formed: home recordings of guitars and basses, drum production, hours and hours going further through the night, solitude, solution, bitterness and many other awkward feelings… vocals, mixing and mastering in studio, consuming all weekends, a few drops of blood and a lot of guts. With and the four songs done, they had the content to introduce and complete the alchemy, or the band. The bass player – Fox – was finally found by Thriven. His technique proceeded and his answer to the band was positive. The three became four and, with the drummer – Gigante – the result was a growth far beyond the ceiling, that finally completed the band. The potion was ready. As a essential key to the band – the producer Ricardo Piccoli - always said, the final product was “an infernal mayhem”. But the receipt was nothing more than a never-ending search to make this EP, in a not far away future, to be the worst thing that the band ever done. By the way, people who like the good poison, of those that warms the blood on needed nights and rumbles with the heart, know that the most famous corn elixir – Tennessee Whiskey Jack Daniels – is made with the purecavespringwater. And may the truth be spoken: an excellent soundtrack deserves a good bottle together. Thriven. Read more on

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