Youth of Today

Seminal Connecticut straight edge hardcore punk band Youth Of Today were pivotal in the mid-'80s youth crew scene and are still regarded amongst new and old fans alike as one of the finest hardcore bands to ever exist. The original line up consisted of Ray Cappo (vocals), John Porcelly (guitar), Graham Philips (bass) and Darren Pesce (drums), but the line up changed several times to include musicians such as Craig Setari (bass) and Tom Carroll (drums) of Straight Ahead, Drew Thomas (drums) of Crippled Youth (to later be known as Bold), Mike Judge (drums) who went on to form Judge alongside Porcelly, and Walter Schreifels (bass) of Gorilla Biscuits, with Cappo remaining on vocals throughout. Youth Of Today split in 1990 after releasing two studio albums and two 7" EPs, but have since reformed several times for reunion shows. Frontman Ray Cappo went on to form Hare Krishna bands Shelter (with Porcelly on guitar) and Better Than A Thousand, and would later cause controversy in the straight edge scene after being seen drinking a glass of wine in Italy while on tour. virtual dating games for girls Read more on

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