This full-time gabber gives us the details of the scene

Paul Schutte is what you’d call a full-time gabber. He started attending parties when he was old enough to fit in to Nike Air Max and Aussies, and since then he’s been to almost 800 parties. We caught up with him at Lock & Load Radio to talk about, well, hardcore, hardcore, and more hardcore. 

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What was your first experience with hardcore?
Hakken en Zagen for Kids (editor’s note: hardcore parties that were held in the nineties just for kids). My old neighbor was a big fan, and I looked up to him. At school everybody was wearing Air Max and Aussies, so then I ended up going to parties pretty fast after that.

What are you up to these days with the hardcore scene?
I have my own radio show, Hardrave that I’ve been doing for about five years now. I always have the radio on when I’m at home, and the music that I’m playing I basically just share it. For the rest I’ve been involved with Party Animals and films. I’ve been in the movie New Kids and a television advertisement for the Dutch national railroad. I’m also an ambassador for Multi Groove. We’re celebrating the 20 anniversary of Hellbound on February 21, 2015.

Why is early hardcore your favorite genre?
Because for me, it gives the feeling of having a great time and a great atmosphere. 

What do you think of Lock & Load Radio so far?
Great! It’s just a bunch of gabbers gathering together and having a good time.  

What do you think Lock & Load Radio will be like in a few months?
I think it’ll have the same reputation as Thunderdome Radio. 

What do you hope Decade will be like?
Just a good old time. A room full of gabbers raising the roof.

Where is the future of hardcore headed?
It’s totally unpredictable. I mean, twenty years ago people thought it would die out the next year. In The Netherlands and also worldwide there’s a bigger variety of parties. 

21 Oct 2014 : 08:00

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