Amada: The First Lady of Lock and Load

Amada is coming to the airwaves near you!


In case you missed it last Wednesday, we have a new segment on Lock & Load. On the second Wednesday of every month, Amada will join us in the studio during the last two hours. We caught up with her at the studio right before her first ever live show.

How did you start as a DJ?

It actually happened as a joke in 2010 that got a little out of hand! Eventually that turned into more bookings, and here I am today. 

What's the story behind your artist name, "Amada?"

It means "sweet" in Portuguese. I needed to come up with a name fast, because I needed to play at a booking, so I Googled something. At first it wasn't meant to be a name that would be used a lot.

What are you up to in the studio these days?

Producing! My first release is coming out on the 24th of November. After that I'll be bringing out a solo EP, and playing at bookings in the meantime. And of course, I'll be at Lock & Load Radio for my own show.

Speaking of radio, what do you hope to accomplish with your show?

I want to be involved with hardcore as much as possible, and the radio show is another way for me to do that. I want to invite new and upcoming talents to come and play, just like me. At the same time, I also want to invite artists that are more well-known. Of course, I'll be playing  on the show myself as well.

If you play at a booking in a different country, what do you always take with you?

Makeup, laptop, extra shoes for when I go jogging, my phone and charger, and a Sudoku book for when I'm stuck waiting. In the airplane I'm alway working on a Sudoku puzzle or drawing. Right now I paint murals for babies' rooms.

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