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Interview with Dr. Peacock & Sefa about their E.P. This Life Is Lost.

Re-style, Para Italia, Death By Design and a lot of our Gabber.fm talents.

D-Passion, Vince, Da Mouth Of Madness & Harlem Demolition Crew

listen this evening @ 20:00 to win the newest thunderdome cd!

zaterdag 16 april 2016 zal er keihard geschiedenis geschreven gaan worden door Hardshock Festival.

UNITY - Hardcore State of Mind

UNITY - Hardcore State of Mind live on Gabber.fm Right after Frenchcore Friday

Start off your February in true hardcore style!

Streaming straight from the party, all night long.

The first show of 2015!

The last episode for 2014!

The new radio show coming to Lock & Load

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